How to Make a Flower Pendant With a Coffee Pod



Introduction: How to Make a Flower Pendant With a Coffee Pod

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Hello everybody,

We wanted to share with your our first tutorial on YouTube. How to make a flower pendant with a coffee pod. The Nespresso coffee pods are round, but we like to play with them and obtain other shapes. And since we both like flowers we tried it. All you need to make this pendant is 2 coffee pods (in this case Vivalto lungo, but you can use whatever color you want), a headpin, a bead cap of choice, a bail, a glue gun and your jewelers tools. We hope you like our Instructable.

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Step 1: Watch Out Video

Watch this video to see how to make a flower shape with a coffee pod and read the Instructable in detail.

Step 2: Prepare the Border

Fold a circle in four and use this circle to mark you border. Than cut off the top of your coffee pod, about one third from the top.

Step 3: Flatten the Border

Use your round nose pliers to flatten the border where you have marked (4 points) and than flatten in the middle again so you get a nice regular petal effect

Step 4: Cut and Fold the Sides

Now cut the sides where you have flattened. Fold one piece over this other and your flower is done

Step 5: Adorn Your Flower and Finish Your Pendant

Adorn your flower with a flat bead cap. Use a headpin to fix it in the middle of your flower. Add a bit of hot glue to really fix it in the middle. Flatten a second coffee pod entirely. Cut off the border and add glue to the inside of the flower you have prepared to glue the two together. Add a bail and your flower pendant is done. We hope you like this Instructable.

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