How to Make a Flying Paper Swan

Introduction: How to Make a Flying Paper Swan

About: Paper Airplane Designer

Hi everyone, check out my newest flying paper swan. IT DOES FLY, and fly every well.
Introduction:The Swan is one of the best paper airplane that I have designed. I hope everyone will like it.

Difficulty: Medium
Range: Unknown
Flying behavior: Straight forward or curving 

Restriction: All paper airplanes I design in this collection will have NO cutting, NO taping and NO extra attached materials.

How to play: Throw it up high a little bit hard at 20-30 degrees.
Where to play: It flies best indoor, and fairly OK to play outdoor

Note: You need to fold it accurately in order to have a perfect paper airplane which can fly well. Remember to fold the stabilizer of the two wings equally to keep your " Snow Crane" fly well

Comment:  If you have any comment or suggestion about the video, feel free to live me a message. I am happy to listen to you and will improve my future videos


Copyright: Originally designed by Tri Dang, September 03, 2013.
                Music: The Engagement

*Note that this airplane is ONLY FREE to fold and play personally. Republishing must have my permission Thank you for watching, and please subscribe if you love the video

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