How to Make a Foam Spheres Machine





Introduction: How to Make a Foam Spheres Machine


Step 1: To Do a Foam Spheres Machine You Need!!!!

In today's instructables I'll show you how to make a lathe for foam plastic balls.

Step 2: You May Use the Balls As a Decoration or Just for Fun, As They Look Like Snowballs.

Step 3: Thanks to the Hand Made Lathe We Are Able to Make Simple Foam Plastic Balls.

Also, children will like hand made foam plastic balls.Make foam plastic balls too!

Step 4: Foam Spheres Machine Is Ready!!!



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    4 Discussions

    See the video. The plastic PVC cutter also doubles as a "lathe". I'd hardly call it a lathe though. Just sandpaper.

    Great video. Nice fact at the end!