How to Make a Franken-Kitty




Introduction: How to Make a Franken-Kitty

About: Hi I'm Haley, I'm thirteen and I live in a rural area in Lampasas TX. I live in a tiny-house on ten acres with my parents and my brother, Anthony.

This is how to make the cutest stuffed animal ever out of a cheap stuffed cat and a sock. Let's get started!

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Step 1: Materials...

All you need is a sock, thread and needle, scissors, and a cheap stuffed cat, you can get this from a thrift shop or choose one from your own home that you don't want. I'm using an old beanie-baby cat I got from a gas station awhile ago.

Step 2: Rip It Up and Take All the Stuffing Out!

Now you cut up the stuffed cat and take all its insides out, but don't take the stuffing out of the head! (like I did...) You'll need that later! Then put the stuffing into the sock up to however long you want your cat to be and cut off the extra part of the sock, then sew up the back end and cover up the stitches with the tail. You can make the tail out off the extra cloth from the sock or original stuffed animal. (I used slip stitching for this whole project, it's just easier)

Step 3: Sew the Head On

Now sew the head on! Find the best place to put it on the sock, maybe a lump on it for the neck. if the head is crooked that is easy to fix, just sew the sock to the head more on the side of the head that is higher. (as shown in the picture)

Step 4: Legs and Ears

Now for the finishing touches... sew on the front legs of the original cat onto your almost finished Franken-Kitty, this one doesn't need back legs, It's perfect just the way it is. Now sew on the ears, one from the leftover sock and one from the original. Now your done! put pics of your finished Franken-Kitty in the comments!

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    That looks really cute. My daughter loves crafts projects like this.