How to Make a Freshwater Pearl Cuff Bangle Bracelet

Introduction: How to Make a Freshwater Pearl Cuff Bangle Bracelet

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I love these easy to make bracelets. I've made them as gifts and for my shop. I actually wore one to a wedding not too long ago, and got a lot of compliments!  It is pretty simple to make.

Memory Wire
Freshwater Pearls
Cream Pearlized Czech Seed Beads
Wire Cutters
Round Tip Pliers
Flat Tip Pliers
Bead Board (optional)
Small Silver cap beads (optional)
2 Flat head pins (leftover from another project)

Loop the memory wire around your wrist (or the wrist of the person you are making the bracelet for!) 3 or 4 times, whichever you like best. Cut the wire, and make a tiny finishing loop at one of the ends of the loops.

Add your cap bead (optional), then your beads and pearls, in whatever pattern you desire. A bead board comes in handy for this part.

When your loops are full of beads and pearls(finished with another cap bead if you wish), close off the cuff with another small finishing loop.

I chose to use the end loops to hold small dangles. Use a flat head pin, and add your beads. Add the dangle to one of the end loops of the cuff. Using your pliers, create a loop. Grip the base of the loop tightly, and with a pair of flat nose pliers, grab the loose piece of pin wire. Pull it around the main wire tightly, several times, to keep the beads secure. Snip the end or wrap it around securely.

There you go! A simple yet elegant bracelet! 

The picture is taken by a photographer friend of mine who was in town visiting. Thank you, Androse Glover!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Truly lovely...I am going to try making one this weekend! Thank you!