How to Make a Fried Egg

Introduction: How to Make a Fried Egg

In this Instructables step by step tutorial I am going to be showing how to make a fried egg! If you're interested stay tuned!

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Step 1: Open the Fridge

The first thing you need to do is open your refrigerator.

Step 2: Grab an Egg Carton

After you open the fridge, grab an egg carton and set it onto the counter beside the stove top.

Step 3: Open the Egg Carton

After retrieving the egg carton from the fridge, open up the carton.

Step 4: Grab One Egg From Egg Carton

After opening up the carton, take out one or however many eggs you're planning on eating.

Step 5: Open Cupboard and Grab a Frying Pan

After gathering all the eggs you wish to eat, place them on the counter while you grab a frying pan out of your cupboard.

Step 6: Turn on Burner to 4

After grabbing your frying pan, place it on the counter and turn your burner to 4 so it's not too hot and also hot enough to fry your egg.

Step 7: Place Frying Pan on Hot Stove

After setting the temperature to 4, grab the frying pan from the counter and place it on the stove top.

Step 8: Grab a Stick of Butter

Open the fridge or wherever you put your butter and grab a half stick of butter. Make sure to take off the wrapper!

Step 9: Spread Butter on Pan

After grabbing the butter and removing the wrapper, grab the butter and place it face down on the pan and go around in circles on the pan about 2-3 times so it gets spread evenly on the pan.

Step 10: Gather Spices

Before cooking your egg, gather any seasoning you prefer. In my case I always put creole, salt, and pepper on my friend egg.

Step 11: Hit Egg on Side of Pan to Crack It

Take egg and smash it against the side of the pan to crack and place in the pan.

Step 12: Crack the Egg

After smashing the egg on the edge of the pan, split it into 2 parts and let the egg fall onto the pan. Then throw away the shell.

Step 13: OPTIONAL: Break Yolk With Fork

If you don't want slimy yolk that is basically like juice, just take a fork and lightly dab the yolk so it flattens out and evenly distributes itself.

Step 14: Add Seasoning

Next, grab from the seasonings you grabbed earlier and apply them to the egg to your own liking. The seasoning gets put on while it's barely cooked so it stays inside the egg.

Step 15: Flip the Egg

After putting the seasoning on the egg, wait until the bottom turns a solid white color and slides back and forth in the pan. Then after the egg becomes cooked enough on the bottom take a spatula and flip the egg, sometimes it can take 2 depending on if you want to make a mess or not.

Step 16: Take Finished Egg Off Pan

After the egg is finished cooking take the spatula and grab a plate and place the egg on the plate, add ketchup if you feel like it!

Step 17: Shut Stove Off and Move Pan

After moving the egg, turn off the burner and move the pan to a burner that isn't on.

Step 18: And That My Friends, Is How to Make a Fried Egg!

After shutting off the stove and moving the pan you can now grab a fork and enjoy your fried egg!

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