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Introduction: DIY Gaming Steering WHEEL

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DIY at HOME will teach you How to make a racing gaming steering wheel form Cardboard Boxes for Any Smartphone (android or iOS) or Tablet. Its Homemade great steering wheel control.Improve your gaming experience with this steering wheel.

Just follow the step by step instructions and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

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Step 1: Gaming Steering Wheel Demonstration and Tutorial on How to Make It by Yourself at HOME !

Step 2: Take 30 Cm by 20 Cm Cardboard and Place Your Smartphone / Tablet at the Centre and Draw Outline Around It Using a Pencil

Step 3: Draw Gaming Steering Wheel Layout With the Pencil As Per Given Image

Step 4: Make 2 Cut Outs for Smartphone and 1 Cut Out for Base

Step 5: Stick All 3 Cut Outs As Per Image Using Hot Glue or Normal Glue at Home

Step 6: Stick a AAA Battery or a Bid Size Marker at the Back of the Cut Out

Step 7: Stick 4 Layers of 18 Cm by 8 Cm Cardboard on Each Other an Make a Hole Upto the Size of the Battery Near the Top Side

Step 8: Stick Together the 2 Smartphone Cut Outs for Using in the Stand Further

Step 9: Make the Stand As Per the Image by Sticking Together All 3 Parts

Step 10: Stick Some Paper Cut Outs or Stickers to Make It More Attractive for Kids to Play With It

Step 11: Now Place Battery Into the Dedicated Hole Created on the Stand

Step 12: And You Are Done !!! Just Place Your Smartphone in the Front Slot AND START RACING by Playing Car Games to Increase Your Driving Experience

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