How to Make a Garland With Rose Petals




Introduction: How to Make a Garland With Rose Petals

Garland and the act of garlanding are deeply rooted in Indian culture. We all love flowers and are drawn to their attractive colors and fragrances. Many kind of garlands available in Indian flower market.
Garlands used as floral decoration by women for their hair, or as religious symbols to honor gods, or during auspicious celebrations, or even as a symbol of respect to a guest. One kind of garland is made of freshly plucked red roses, which are mostly used in weddings by bride and groom. There are even garlands made by weaving together currency notes.

Here I am making mini garland with rose petals instead of full rose, which is also easy to make.

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Step 1: Materials and Accessories Needed

  • Roses (Pink,Yellow,Red or colors of your choice)
    Small rose buds
  • Green Leaves and Decorative ferns
  • A piece of beaded chain.
  • Needle & Thread
  • Scissors

Step 2: Starting Rose Garland

  • Carefully pluck petals from roses.
  • Prepare needle & thread. Have a minimum of 24 inches of thread for this garland.
  • First I am using pink rose petals. Roll the petal and insert needle into it and continue adding petals in circular direction.
  • After you filled the needle, push petals to the end of thread.
  • Now add the rolled leaves or ferns of your choice.

The last picture shows the partially finished garland at this point.

Please see the video attached on how to start the garland. As I do not have you tube account, my uncle, whom I have added to collaborate in this project, uploaded the video to his channel for me.

Step 3: Alternate the Colors of Rose Petals.

  • Alternate the colors of rose petals to make the garland more attractive.
  • Add yellow rose petals in circular direction for a short length
  • Then add a layer of leaves and ferns
  • Now the dark red rose petals can be added to the garland
  • Add another layer of pink rose petals at the end after the red ones

The garland at this point will look as shown in the last picture with alternating colors of pink, green, yellow, green, red and pink (Pink petals after red are not visible in the picture)

Step 4: Make Symmetrical on Other Side of Garland

We have finished one length of the garland. From here we will continue and make the opposite side of the garland. Please note that the opposite side should be made up of exactly with similar colors facing each other. It should look symmetrical.

  • At the end of the pink petals, add a layer of green leaves.
  • Then add few red rose petals, which will make the top center of the garland.
  • Now proceed to finish the other side of the garland with the same colors facing each other.
  • Compare both sides from time to time and make sure that they are symmetrical.

Now you can join the ends by tying a knot. Do not trim off the thread as we will continue to make the hanging portion from here.

Step 5: Extend the Hanging Portion

The pink rose petal ends joined together makes the bottom of the garland. from here we will extend and add a hanging of the garland.

  • Thread four to five layers of green leaves from the joint where we tied a knot
  • Add two small pink rose buds after the green leaves.
  • Thread a small red rose bud at the end and tie a knot.

We will add a beaded chain at the bottom of the garland, so do not cut off the thread.

Step 6: Add the Beaded Chain and Finish

A beaded chain added at the end of the red rose bud will finish the garland.

  • Add the beaded chain to the thread from the red rose bud.
  • Close the thread through the red rose bud and tie a knot

The garland is completed.

Step 7: Tips and Variations

  • Use rose before it is fully bloom, which gives firm garland and stays fresh.
  • Roses should be received no more than 2 days prior to an event.
  • It can also be refrigerated, and can be laid out for an event, which also stay fresh for about 24 to 48 hours.
  • Garland can be made with same color of roses also.
  • Small artificial fabric roses can also be added to the garland.
  • Along with roses you can also add other flowers.

The last two photographs show the garlands made for my sister's Betrothal and Wedding ceremonies respectively.

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