How to Make a Generator at Home - Easy Way




Introduction: How to Make a Generator at Home - Easy Way

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Generator is a Device Which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy,in this instructable i made a small generator that can powerup 24 leds recommended to watch video to see its working....

Step 1: BASE

    • For the base i've used small piece of plastic board
    • one side of plasic board is attached with double sided sticky tape
    • To the other side of tape all other parts will be held (used hot glue for extra strength)

    Step 2: MOTOR HOLDER

    • To hold the motor i've used soda can
    • one side of the can is placed on sticky layer of the tape,to increase the strength i've hot glued its edges

    Step 3: LIGHT SOURCE

    • Ive used led panel having 24 leds i got this from broken lamp
    • LED panel is glued to tape vertically
    • Connections are made from motor to led panel
    • To the end of motor shaft a plastic bottle cap is attached and hot glued

    Step 4: FLYWHEEL

    • For the flywheel ive used old cd's (2 of them are coupled together)
    • The other side of cap is glued to this flywheel
    • Handle is made to rotate the flywheel by gluing a small handle (plastic tube)


    • Simply rotate the cd using handle provided
    • The led will glow
    • sometimes if the connections between motor and panel is not proper then try rotating anti-clockwise Thank you for your time and patience,If u really like my instructable then dont forget to share and like this instuctables with your friends...



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      which size of motor am i using