How to Make a GIF From a YouTube Video

In this Instructable we plan teach users on how create a "graphics interchange format", or GIF, from a YouTube video. A GIF is a short section of animation or video that is commonly shared on social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook.


  • Use Google Chrome as your browser
  • Keep Your browser window maximized throughout the process
  • The video has to be from YouTube but it can be any video from YouTube

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Step 1: Open Browser

1. Open up your prefered Internet Browser. For this example we will be using google chrome

Step 2: Go to YouTube

2. Type in the search bar

Step 3: Find a Video of Your Choice

3. Search for you the video you want to make a GIF out of

Step 4: Modify the URL

4. In the search box, put “GIF” in front of youtube in the URL. so instead of it saying,

it should say

Step 5: Select a Starting Point

5.1 Manually enter the starting time for the GIF

5.2 Or use the slider to select what point of the video you want the GIF to start

Step 6: Select Length/Ending Point and Create GIF

6.1 Manually enter how long you want the GIF to be

6.2 Or use the slider to choose how long you want the GIF to be

6.3 Optionally add a caption to your GIF

6.4 When you’ve perfected your GIF click the create GIF button

Step 7: Wait for the GIF to Load

7. Be patient as it may take a minute to render (create) your GIF

Step 8: Optionally Associate the GIF to an Account

8.1 To associate the GIF to a social media account of your choice, select an account and enter your username so you can easily find all the GIFs you create in the future easily

8.2 Click “Save” to make sure you tie this GIF to an account of yours

8.3 Optionally click the “x” if you just want to download, bookmark, or share the GIF

Step 9: Share With All Your Friends!

9.1 Use some of the share buttons for specific sites to easily share your creation with your friends

9.2 You can also bookmark, and or send your friends this link which will bring them to this same page that your viewing

9.3 You can also save/share this link to share a link that leads directly to the GIF image file you’ve created


I hope this helped you create the GIF’s you’ve always wanted so you can share them with all of your friends.

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    3 years ago

    This is an excellent tutorial. I really find it useful to have the arrows marked on the image. Makes following the steps a lot easier. Great job!


    3 years ago

    Very nice job breaking down the steps with the screenshots. It was easy to understand and follow. I especially liked the last step how-to share with your friends. Thanks!


    3 years ago

    This is a great step by step instruction for users with different experience levels


    3 years ago

    Nice tutorial! Your GIF in the intro was well chosen and you had very detailed steps for users with any experience level. Well done in the closing, adding how I can use the GIF after it's created.


    3 years ago

    Useful stuff. Thanks!


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this!