How to Make a Gift Bag Attractive

Introduction: How to Make a Gift Bag Attractive

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Making a gift bag look good is really simple. This is the perfect way to wrap a gift if you are incapable of handling wrapping paper. This is how to cheat and make it look like you are really good at wrapping presents!

Al you need is a gift bag, and some tissue paper that matches, preferable 2 different colors.

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Step 1:

First, chose your tissue paper. For my bag I could have gone with red, green, or white. Maybe something with some sparkle or a something shiny to make it look really attractive? I chose to keep it simple and went with red and green.

For a simple look:
Lay one sheet out

For a more complex look:
Lay one sheet out, then lay another sheet in a different color on top. Position it so the corners don't match up.

Step 2:

No matter if you are going the simple route or the complex route, you will stick your fist underneath the wrapping paper. Then gently push your finger into your fist. After that, give it a light shake. It should look something like the second picture.

Step 3:

Now take your "wad" of paper and gently set it in the bag. I find that for small to medium sized bags 3 wads is perfect. The bigger the bag, the more wads you may need. The bag shown has 3 wads. 2 red and 1 green! I hope this helps with your gift wrapping!

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    3 years ago

    another helpful hint to youngsters! thank you!