How to Make a Gluten-free Omelette


Introduction: How to Make a Gluten-free Omelette

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Hi guys, this is floppyman2 and today I am going to take you through how to make a gluten-free omelette. Make sure to smash that vote button and enjoy!

Step 1: Turning the Stove On

For an electric or gas stove, turn the heat on at full power and put a flat but large pan onto the stove. Make sure to put some canola oil onto the pan to reduce friction.

Step 2: Whisking the Eggs

First collect two eggs and crack them in a small bowl. Then, using a whisk, rotate the bowl to the side and whisk the eggs. (Cheese is complimentary)

Step 3: Pouring the Mixture Into the Large Pan

First, tilt the bowl toward the pan. Then, pour the mixture into the pan and gather the ingredients. For this I recommend, tomatoes, olives, salami, blue cheese and spring onion.

Step 4: Wait...

Wait for about two minutes. When the timer has finished, using a spatula, flip half of the omelette over. Then, carefully slide it onto the plate.

Step 5: Bon Appetit!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to check out my other projects and stay updated.




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    Question 5 months ago

    No doubt it is very tasty, but it would have been much more challenging to make an omelette with gluten you know.

    HOW can you have an omelette WITH gluten ??? eggs don't contains gluten do they ?