How to Make a Guitar Scratch Pad, Protects Back of Guitar From Belt Buckle




Introduction: How to Make a Guitar Scratch Pad, Protects Back of Guitar From Belt Buckle

This is my very first Instructable, it explains how to make a guitar "Scratchpad"

What is a Scratchpad?

A Scratchpad is

Official Scratchpad

This can be bought online, but guess what? It costs plenty of cash, it can be made for free. (Depending upon of course, by what's lying around your house)

(Remember, this will, in fact, leave no residue on your guitar, and it peels right off, no marks at all. And it CAN BE USED ON ACOUSTIC GUITARS)

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:

-Glad Press and Seal Wrap
-Hot Glue Gun (and hot glue ammo)
-Lightweight Fabric (I used black felt) ((very cheap))

Step 2: First Thing

First thing that you want to do, take your scissors and cut a square out of your fabric. Before you do this, you need to measure the back of your guitar. (Or you can make an educated guess. Which I don't recommend)

The reason I cannot provide an exact measurement is because i have no idea what type of guitar you have.

Step 3: Second Thing

After you've cut out a piece of fabric that matches the back of your guitar, cut out a square of Glad Press and Seal (I'm taking this time to remind you, you need this paticular brand, or it will probably not work at all) The square should be a bit bigger than the fabric (We'll trim later)

Step 4: Third Thing

Now it gets a bit tricky, we need to hot glue the two pieces together. It's tricky because the hot glue gun can, and will, melt the Glad Press and Seal. So be very careful.

In the picture, I glued around the perimeter, and make an X through the center.(Though it may be hard to see)

Step 5: Almost There

After you've glued the two together, go ahead and trim the Glad Press and Seal that is hanging out on the edges.

Step 6: Last But Not Least

Now that you have it made, it's time to try it out. But make sure you wipe off the back of your guitar before applying, to keep the scratchpad from getting dirty/dusty.After wiping, go ahead, stick it to the back of your guitar, you need to apply a very firm pressure to the back, The harder you press, the longer it stays on. It stays on incredibly effectively, I know, I was suprised too!

Once again, this works just as well with acoustic guitars, And remember, if the pad stops being so sticky, clean it with a wet cloth gently, wipe dry with a papertowel.

Thanks for viewing, I hope you learned something!

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    3 Discussions


    11 years ago on Step 6

    Dude, you're brilliant.

    I'm always afraid of scratching my guitar because of my Metallica sprocket belt buckle.

    It has the little sprocket nubs that stick out and even hurt me some times


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Buckles that hurt yourself sometimes are HARDCORE! \m/


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I've been using 'moleskin' from Dr. Scholls foot care for years. I used to get it in 8" squares, just the right size. Now you have to use the 2 pieces in a package, but it holds up well and doesn't damage the finish when you eventually need to change it. I had one bass I didn't change out for over 2 years, and played 4-5 shows a week plus church on Sunday. Not expensinve,either. BennyB