How to Make a Hanging Lamp (laser Cut & 3D-print)




Introduction: How to Make a Hanging Lamp (laser Cut & 3D-print)

We're going to build a laser cut hanging lamp.

Required equipment:

- 3D printer

- Laser cutter

- Hot glue

- A lamp (bulb + socket)

- Wooden board. ( 5 mm thick. 45 cm x 55 cm)

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Step 1: Downloading Files

These are the files required to build the lamp.

The STL file to print the connecting blocks.

The DXF file to laser cut the lampshade.

Step 2: Print the Blocks

You need three blocks to connect the lamp to the lampshade.

Place them like shown in the picture so you can print the blocks all together.

And place them with the holes vertically so you don't have to remove the support.

Step 3: Laser Cut the Lampshade

Now we're laser cutting the lampshade.

You need a 5 mm thick wooden board 55 cm x 45 cm.

The lampshade is a hexagon so you need six sides to create the shade.

To connect the lampshade to the socket you need an extra part (which you can laser cut with the six sides of the lampshade).

I had to laser cut twice otherwise it wouldn't fit. But you can place the parts as you like.

Before you start the laser cutter make a small figure to test if the laser goes entirely through the wood. If not, you need to change your settings.

So now you have all the parts and you can start assembling the lamp!

Step 4: Assembling the Lamp Part 1

First you glue the green connection blocks to the part where the socket comes.

Step 5: Assembling the Lamp Part 2

Now you place three boards which are connected to the green blocks. Be careful to place them in the middle and the green blocks should be on the side of the two slits.

Step 6: Assembling the Lamp Part 3

Turn the (almost finished) lampshade upside down and place the rest of the boards.

You don't need any glue or something at this step. The slits are cut to connect the boards together.

Step 7: Place the Socket

Now you only have to place the socket and your lamp is done!

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