How to Make a Headband With a Bow

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This is what you can do with an old bow and headband! :D

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Find a bow, a headband, and a small black hair tie or a black rainbow loom.

Step 2: Adding the Hair Tie to the Bow

Take the hair tie or rainbow loom and stretch it over one of the big triangular sides. If your hair tie or loom is long or flexible, you can do this more than once.

Step 3: Getting the Bow on the Headband

Take one end of the headband and slip it through the loom or hair tie. If it's too loose, twist the band or hair tie so it looks like an "8" and pinch together the top of the "8" and the the bottom of the "8". Slip one finger through both of the loops while you grab the headband. Now, take the headband and slip it through both of the loops. Push the bow up. Enjoy!



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