How to Make a Lego Headphone/ IPod Holder




About: I am a Senior in California. I love running, hacking things, and making all sorts of stuff, from cardboard contraptions to electronic circuits.

I got worn out of spending tireless minutes trying to untangle my headphones to listen to my iPod, so I created this simple Lego solution to that. It uses standard Lego bricks to keep you headphones nice and organized. You can set down on a flat surface, hold it in your pocket, or stick it to a Lego magnet on your fridge. I hope you try it and would love any comments on modifications and how yours turned out. Please vote for me!

Step 1: The Casing


- 1 4x6 flat piece
- 3 2x4 flat pieces
- 2 1x6 flat pieces
- 2 1x6 standard pieces
- 2 1x4 standard piece
- 1 1x4 flat piece

Note: You may use any combination of pieces to do this, i.e. 1 1x4 &1 1x2, to make a 1x6. Also, I color coordinated the pieces to match my iPod. 

Step 2: The IPod Holder

Stack the 1x4 flat piece on the 1x4 standard piece, and then put the 2x4 flat piece on top of that. Put your other 1x4 standard piece on the bottom right corner going horizontal, and put the section you just made going vertical on the left side. See the pictures for more details.

You can also modify this to be compatible with different iPods by sticking a 4x4 flat piece on the back of your iPod and snaping the pieces together.

You also do not have to make the iPod holder and can just use it for headphone storage.

Step 3: Using the Holder

Take off the 2 2x4 flat pieces on the back. You can do this while your headphones are connected to your iPod. Make an S-shape with the wire around the sides. Continue this around till you get back to were you began. Continue this until your headphones are all in. If your headphones are too short and don't make it all of the way to the end, you can move back one of the 2x4 flat pieces to keep it secure.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I just finished building it. It will definitely come in handy. Thank you so much for posting this.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    interesting that was very smart of you to do that. and with legos?! that is just amazing.

    1 reply