A Healthier and Tastier Version of Box Cake

Introduction: A Healthier and Tastier Version of Box Cake

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It was my mom's birthday this past weekend, so I made her a cake. I always take the easy route and use a box mix. I can be quite the health nut, so I always try to find ways to make healthier versions. I did some research and found a great way to make a healthier version of boxed cake mix and also found that it's even fluffier and tastier than the original. 

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Just a heads up, I doubled the recipe so I could make two layers!

You'll need:

- 2 and 1/3 cups of water
- 2 boxed mixes (I mixed yellow and white cake)
- 12 oz of plain greek yogurt (2 packages)
- 3 egg whites + 1 yolk
- 2 tins of frosting (I used vanilla)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Step 2: Mix Your Ingredients

Mix the cake mix, greek yogurt, egg whites, and water together using a fork, a handheld mixer, or an electric mixer. It's up to you! 

Step 3: Spoon Into Pan and Bake

Take the batter and spoon it into the buttered pan. I used two cake pans so I could have two layers. You'll find that the batter has a thicker consistency. 

Put the pans into the over, preheated to 350 degrees, and bake. Follow the baking times on the box mix. I baked my cake for about 30-40 minutes. A good indication of it being ready is when a fork can be poked in and pulled out without any batter sticking. 

Step 4: Frost and Decorate

Take out the cake, let them cool. If you need to cool them quickly, out them in the refrigerator. Frost the cake and if it's for a birthday, add the candles! 

Since it was a white cake with vanilla frosting, I added some berries to give it an extra pop. 

Step 5: Celebrate

It was for my mom's birthday, so we had her blow out all of her candles. I won't say how many we put ;)

I think she liked the cake! She agreed that it was way fluffier and super yummy!

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