How to Make a Helmet Cam




In this project I used

- a old biking helmet
-some cardboard
-some old head phones (with volume control)
-hot glue gun
-small rubber bands
-and a iPhone/camera of choice

Step 1: Get Some Cardboard and an Old/ New Helmet

Get some cardboard and cut out a case to fit your phone/camera once you have the case done you have to cut a hole so you can plug some headphones (for microphone/capture button)

Step 2: Glue the Case

Use hot glue (a huge amount of it) to secure the case to the helmet make sure when it dries you can lift the helmet with the case

Step 3: Add a Capture Button

Get some old head phones with volume control and remove all of the headphone parts except the volume

Step 4: String the Wire Out of Site

You don't want to be recording and accidentally stop recording (trust me) so string the wire through the helmet first you need to remove the foam from the inside then string the wire through and glue it at some places in the helmet make sure that you glue the sound controller on the side of the helmet then put the foam back in.

Step 5: Add Rubber Bands to the Case

Add rubber bands to the case

Step 6: Have Fun

Use your helmet, plug the camera into the headphone jack and use the volume control to start video or take a picture



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    2 years ago