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Once again, this was one of our older builds that we built right at the very beginning of our channel. So I apologize in advance for any technical or audio issues. This one is a very simple build as far as secret compartments go. The only thing that is imperative to this project is that the glides that you use to move the top need to be center mount drawer glides, otherwise the top won't be able to open.

P.S. You can stick around to the end of the video if you want to see some of our dumb bloopers (;

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Step 1: Materials/ Tools


  • Two 2x4
  • 4'x4' sheet of 3/8" plywood (finished or unfinished, your choice)
  • Brad nail gun/ 1" brad nails
  • Wood glue
  • 18" drawer slides (bottom type)
  • Magnet lock
  • 2", 3/4" wood screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain (your choice)


Chop Saw:


Woodburning Kit:

Wood Glue:

Center Mount Drawer Glides:

1 Foot Quick Grip Clamps:

Table Saw:

Step 2: Dimensions

For our table, we made up the dimensions based on our furniture at home and the space that it was going to occupy. The overall dimensions where 24" tall by 16" wide by 20" long.

Step 3: Framework

We began by ripping our 2x4 (thickness side) in half (3/4"). We also ripped our 2x4 to 1 3/4" to make the legs. We then plained our pieces to clean up any imperfections. We then cut the legs to length 24". Then cut the sides to two 16" long and the other two to 20" long. we attached the sides to the top of the legs using 3/4" screws and glue. We then measured for the bottom shelf braces (10" up from the bottom) that would give strength to the legs and hold our shelf.

Step 4: Table Top Construction

We then flipped the table upside down and put it on top of our 3/8" plywood and traced out the exact size bottom we needed and cut it on the band saw and table saw. We then made some cleats (1/2"thick by 2" wide as long as the side are) and placed them on the inside of the top side to hold the bottom in place. Attach the bottom piece with glue and nail down with 1" brad nails. (see video) We then cut the top pieces for the sliding top, one piece was cut 18"wide by 22" long and the other was cut at 17 1/2" wide by 21 1/2" long and we glued these two pieces together and clamped them. Our next step was to attach our drawer slides to our table and our top. (see Video for placement)

Step 5: Magnet Locks

Once we got our slides in place we went on and put the magnet lock in place (see the video for our steps). We then installed the trim pieces to hide the slides by gluing and nailing them in place.

Step 6: Woodburning/Staining

Don't ask why I wood burned those words..... I have no idea what I was thinking.

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    7 months ago

    So instead of a lift up top we have a slide along top. Whats secretive about that?

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    Reply 5 months ago

    you must not have watched the video


    Reply 7 months ago

    Yes there are actually several reasons, thanks for asking. The first is that we are both HUGE proponents of Amazon. 9 times out of 10 I buy things off of Amazon merely because they have the best prices around and they're super easy to order from. The second reason is that it's a really easy way for us to show a specific item that we're talking about in the video. This way there's not as much confusion as to what we're using. Not all of the links are to exact tools that we use, but they are pretty close. And the third reason is that those are affiliate links. So if anyone clicks on those links and buys something off of Amazon in the next 24 hours, Amazon will give us a small percentage of the sale. It does not add any additional cost to the buyer's purchase, it is just one way that Amazon says thank you for recommending their products. Also, it is one way that me and dad can get some compensation for all of the weeklong work that we put into each project.