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Introduction: Hidden Compartment in a Deer Mount

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You will learn how to take a taxidermy deer head and give it another purpose by installing a hidden compartment. It is then mounted on a piece of wood where it will open and close away from the wood. No holes in the wall except for the nail you hang it on. Our basement has concrete walls and it is made this way for that reason. We got this deer at an auction for 10 bucks and figured we would try it and if it was a fail then no harm done. This is our first try and it turned out perfect! I would say a moderate project that took only a couple hours. Definitely an awesome stash spot! If you think this is awesome then send a vote for it in the hiding places contest. Thanks

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Step 1: Gather All Materials

piece of wood
Taxidermy deer head
jig saw
sharp knife
small nails
4 inch duct work and cap
piece of scrap vinyl, leather, or canvas
4 inch door hinge and screws
2 wiring clamps
7/16 bolt

Step 2: Cut Wood for Mounting of Deer Head

Cut a piece of wood or use a piece of scrap wood to mount your deer head. Since ours was going in the basement man cave, we just found a piece from our scrap pile. make sure it is sturdy and is at least 3 inches bigger on each one of the four sides than the deer head.

Step 3: Cut a Hole for Compartment

Take the deer head and rest it on your work table so we can begin the process of making a hole for your stash spot. Take a jigsaw and cut a 4 inch circle out of the wood the deer hide is attached to making sure it is in the middle or where it won't cause damage to the deer hide. Remove the wood circle to expose the foam mold.

Step 4: Remove Foam to Make a Compartment

Remove the foam by using a knife to cut it along the wood and scoop it out with a screwdriver or whatever works. be sure not to go too deep. we were able to dig out 4.5 inches in preparation for our metal insert.

Step 5: Make an Insert

we used metal sheeting and made our own insert but in this step Pvc can be used also. we cut the sheeting to fit a 4 inch metal end cap. We inserted this into the hole. We had to shave away some foam here and there till it fit flush. We used silicon to make sure all gaps were filled and to seal it to the wood. The secret compartment is done.

Step 6: Make a Cover for Compartment

Now we will make a cover for the compartment. It is no exact science, I just cut some heavy vinyl material with a soft tan backing I found in scraps of upholstery fabric to fit. I then nailed it vinyl side down soft side up to make a flap. it covers it and adds extra protection. Leave enough flap tO get your hand in.

Step 7: Attach Head to Wood With Hinge

Screw one side of hinge to the left side of deer close to edge but where you can't see it from outside. center the head and Mark where the other part of the hinge will screw to the wood mounting. screw deer head to the wood

Step 8: Attach Latching Mechanism

The deer head is secure to the wood with the hinge but to keep the head from swinging open we need to attach a latch. First we screw one wire clamp to the side opposite the hinge on the deer. once secure you stick the screw we are using as a pin through both wire clamps,close the deer to the wood and mark on the wood where the wire clamp will go. take the pin out and screw wire clamp to wood. Now close the deer and proceed to push the screw pin through both wire clamps making sure no hardware is visible but the pin can be accessed when needed.

Step 9: Hang the Whole Mounting on the Wall

We put our deer in the basement man cave so to hang it we made a brace. This may not be necessary if you aren't nailing on a concrete wall. Hang this as you would any other heavy wall hanging. We are now ready to hide our stash!

Step 10: Hide Your Stash With Confidence

You are ready to stash anything that fits in your hiding compartment. We put some money and ammo in for visual. Close the deer and latch with the screw pin. A safe and sound hiding spot under the watchful eye of a trophy deer mount.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Good idea. All that's left to do is put a red LED light in the nose. For Christmas.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I'd suggest shaping and finishing the wood to resemble the plaques found on smaller antler mounts to give it a really polished look.


    Reply 5 years ago

    yeah it would look prettier. Our actual hunting trophies are like that... kind of figured who'd bother the ugly mount lol when the pretty mounts would be more enticing . REALly should make him like the others tho.