How to Make a Gandalf/ Hobbit Pipe




Introduction: How to Make a Gandalf/ Hobbit Pipe

About: Hello I create usable rustic funky folk art for the home. Bristlecone Pine is the main wood I work with. This wood is the oldest living thing on the planet. The dead wood I use is from Colorado and has been ...

Here I show you how to make a Gandalf/ Hobbit pipe out of wood. Yes, they really do work and Gandalf or Hobbit would be proud to own. If you would like me to make one for you then e-mail or give me a call. I like to e-mail three photos of pipes in the size you request. This way you have a good choice to pick from. I do not take any payment not until you pick your pipe. Once you pick a pipe then I will e-mail you a PayPal invoice.
This is a fun green project and I think one you will enjoy. You are always welcome to stop by and visit me here in Plantersville Texas.
720 688 1078
Thanks for viewing and supporting me
David Spiesman



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    Heya, not for nothin, but my ma says she has lots of good wood in Oakridge, Oregon ;) Great video sir! Thanks for sharing :)

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    I would like to send some time checking out Oregon, It is on my list of States that I need to spend some time in. Thanks for the invite.

    I would like to know what kind of bits you use to drill that far through curved wood? It would be helpful to see that process also.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I just use long wood bits. I do not make it all the way threw with one continuous hole. I have to drill straight and come out then drill back in to reach the bowl. Then I patch the holes so you can have a good draw. Hope this helps.

    Thank you David, I received my pipe in the mail today and it is beautiful. Definitely a masterpiece! Thanks again. I love it!

    2012-08-29 12.48.49.jpg2012-08-29 12.49.00.jpg2012-08-29 12.49.06.jpg2012-08-29 12.49.12.jpg2012-08-29 12.49.18.jpg2012-08-29 12.49.25.jpg

    Hi how are you? I sent you a private message about having a hobbit pipe made. Take care and keep being totally cool!

    Thank you for such a cool instructable! I have been trying making pipes but, like you, I dont drill a perfect hole from the mouth piece to the bowl. I don't understand how you are using the wire and glue/saw dust to plug the holes and keep the main draw chamber clear. Sorry I sit in the back of the class. lol Could you explain that part with a little more detail. Just a little drawing of where the wire is inserted and exits would probably clear it up for me. Thank you and again, wow, so cool, thank you for posting!

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    Thank you for the thankful comment. I will try to explain the patching of the holes the best I can. You start at the end or bowl end first and do one hole at a time. Poke a piece of tie wire through the hole and another piece of tie wire coming from the other way. This way the hole is plunged with tie wire both ways. Where the hole is two pieces of tie wire meet and ensure that the hole will not be plugged with tape or glue. Next you tape over the hole with masking tape. I like to cut around the hole cutting off excess tape with a box cutter or razor edge knife. I also like to while cutting cut in or score a little where I am cutting the tape. This gives the glue a little bit extra to sink into. When this is done then I coat the tape and wood around the hole with crazy glue. Next I sprinkle fine saw dust on the glue. I cover it real good lot of saw dust. Then you let it dry. When dry I pull out my tie wire and then start on the next hole. Now on this hole I just use one piece of tie wire as you can see. When all holes are plugged then I sand all plugged holes. Now I know the glue plug is a different color and stands out. So to fix this I use a little stain to like feather it in or even a black magic marker to make it blend. Remember if you do not like what you just did you can sand it off. Sometimes I like the looks of a little sanding after I use a little stain or magic maker. Just make sure you do not get any stain real close to the mouth end or where it might burn, too close to the bowl. Then when these steps are done I make sure You can get air through the pipe, and I like to finish with olive oil. I hope this helps, and remember this is just what works best for me. There are no rules in art. That's what so cool about it. It's more personal and no one can sell that to ya.
    Thanks again

    That is some beautiful work done on that pipes, I'll be giving it a try soon defiantly, you should try and offer to engrave the pipe with simple basic calligraphy writing of that persons name or there favorite tobacco company (Y), anyways nice work I'd be glad to see more of you.

    Very entertaining videos David.

    I sent you a private message through Instructables with some advice on improving your projects with some new main images.

    You can access your "inbox" by clicking on the text link (top right of the website).

    Have a great day! :)