How to Make a Intro Video

Introduction: How to Make a Intro Video

The point of my process analysis is to teach you how to make an Intro video about yourselves to upload on your LinkedIn account. This process can be very useful for networking and during online job interviews. I have used this skill for YouTube videos. I have gone viral making videos using this process which has caused me to be a YouTube sensation with over 22,000 subscribers. Editing is a good skill to have just in case you go into a marketing or videography job after college.

Step 1: Prepare Yourself


1.iPhone or iPad

2 iMovie App

First, think or write out about what you want to talk about. After you decide your topic, you will need your mobile device or iPad and to also have the app iMovie downloaded on your phone. Click on the camera and make sure it is clear, and your phone is positioned long ways properly so that you can see your whole face and the top half of your body.

Step 2: Start Recording

Second, press record and begin to speak for about 30-60 seconds. Tell the audience what you want them to know about you. Once you’re finished speaking. Press the record button again to stop the video. Press the home button, and proceed to click on “iMovie” and begin a new edit.

Step 3: Begin Editing

Third, upload the video(s) to iMovie. You can optionally clip, add music, and pictures inside of your intro video to make it as interesting as you want it. To add music, you can click add sound and then voice over. At that point, you’ll be able to record a song over your video. To crop your video, just click on it and press “split”.

Step 4: Save & Upload

Lastly, when you are done editing, watch your video to make sure it’s the way you want it. If so, click done and proceed to save the video so that it will download to the gallery on your iPad or iPhone. Once it is in your galley, you can upload it to LinkedIn.

Step 5: Conclusion

Be sure to keep the video around 30-60 seconds so that the viewer stays interested and be sure to stay on topic. Once finished you can save or upload the video to your LinkedIn account and begin networking.



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