How to Make a Jar Car in Under 5 Minutes



Introduction: How to Make a Jar Car in Under 5 Minutes

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This easy car will take you to the land of Fun and Racing in under 5 minutes!

Follow the steps from SAM Labs to complete it!

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Step 1: Make Yourself a PB & J.... and Prepare Your Materials

1. Firstly, finish that lovely sandwich.

2. Then, carve out that jelly jar and get creative with it.

3. Grab your SAMs, just 2 LEDs and 2 DC Motors for this.

4. Make sure you've got some wheels that securely fit.

5. Lastly, snag some double sided tape to ensure your lights will stay put and lit!

Step 2: Let There Be Light!

1. Prepare your SAM LEDs and measure your double sided tape to give the car a bit of shape.

2. Use the tape to secure the lights, making sure they're there to stay.

3. Add both on for full effect during play!

Step 3: Add Some Speed

1. Next we have to attach the power.

2. Use tape to attach SAM DC Motors, add any wheels, and get ready to scour!

Step 4: Customise It and Bring Your Jar Car to Life

1. Open SAM Space, that wonderful app.

2. Make sure your blocks are turned on by giving the power buttons a tap.

3. Drag and drop the motors and LEDs on the canvas, this is gonna be rad!

4. Drag 4 'Keyboard' elements on, in addition to 2 'Number' apps.

5. Connect 2 keys to the numbers, and then the numbers to the motors' backs.

6. Connect another key just to the motors and another just to the 2 button pack.

Step 5: Get Ready to Rumble! 3...2...1...GO!

1. Your jar car is nearly done, just now grab a mate to make things fun!

2. Repeat the previous steps with your friend to race until you're both too tired to run.

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Step 6:

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