How to Make a Jewellery Box Cupboard

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I have always loved to wear jewellery, and found that over the years my collection had out grown my jewellery boxes and I seemed to have boxes lying around everywhere. So I wanted to get a box that would hold all my jewellery in one place. I was unable to find one so I decided to make my own to fit my needs.

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Step 1: The Frame

Because I am a big fan of using old furniture and recycling the wood, this table seemed perfect for my needs. I removed the legs and joined the 4 sides to make the frame for my box. The top had been used on another project so I had to go and buy some Plywood for my door, and had an old mirror that I was no longer using which was a perfect size for the front.


2 x 490mmx100mm x 20mm

2 x 1070mmx100mmx20mm

1 x 1090mmx520mmx12mm (door)

1 x 900mm x 250mm (mirror)

Step 2: Legs

The legs for my box were the off cuts from the wine barrel arch one of my previous jobs, and I used a large hole saw just to try and make it look more decorative. I cut the upright supports and used a hammer and chisel to hollow out a slot in the centre of the top of the feet to fit the up right supports. To add support to the box I added a centre support between the legs. I glued the upright supports into the feet and let them dry overnight.


2 x 410mmx190mmx40mm (Feet)

2 x 900mmx 70mmx20mm (upright Supports)

1 x 480mmx40nnx20mm (Centre Support)

Step 3: Attaching the Box

I drilled holes into the side of the box to where the legs attach to the box. I used a long screw and a decorative door knob to attach them together. I used leather fabric to cover the mirror frame and the box. And used velvet fabric to line the inside. And I nailed a piece of plywood to the back of the box. I stained the wood with cedar stain and added 2 coats of varnish.

1 x 530mmx 40mmx20mm (Back support)

Step 4:

I added a back support to the legs once the box was mounted to tilt the mirror and support the box so it does not just swing around. I fitted the hinges to the inside of the box to add the door. The mirror was screwed on from the inside and the screws were covered with caps.

Step 5: Necklace Rack

For the necklaces rails I used a thin piece of wood that I covered with the leather and screwed them into the back and added small brass hooks to hang up my jewellery. For the shelves I made a wooden trough and glued it into the box and lined it with velvet to give it a nice look.

Step 6: Ring Holder

The ring section I made using an old piece of foam. I cut thin slits into the foam and put a thin layer of glue in the slits and pushed the velvet into them and glued the velvet covered foam into the box.

Step 7: Bracelet Rack

The bracelet rack and the watch rack were made from a postal tube that I covered in velvet fabric to help keep some order to my watches and bracelets.

Step 8: Necklace Rail

I Added a necklace rail on the door for all the longer necklaces so they would not get all tangled up with the other jewellery.

Hope you enjoyed my creations to see more go to

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