How to Make a Jewelry Box




Introduction: How to Make a Jewelry Box

I wanted to make a Jewelry Box for my Mom and Girlfriend for Christmas. i decided to use a combination of walnut and oak wood and utilize the Universal Laser at FirstBuild to etch a design and their monogram on top of the boxes.

Step 1: Process Rough Lumber

First I jointed my lumber and ran it through the planer so that all the pieces were flat and had 90 degree corners.

Step 2: Cut Down Pieces

Then i used the miter saw and table saw to cut down the wood into smaller pieces.

Step 3: Cut and Glue

I cut the pieces from the last step in half and glued them alternating walnut and oak.

Step 4: Cut the Edges

Then i cut all the sides at 45 degree angles.

Step 5: Cut Inside of the Box for the Lid

I used a dado blade to cut a slit on the inside of all of the side pieces so that i can cut the outside of the box later and that will create a lid for the box.

Step 6: Lay Out the Box for Gluing

I laid the box out before gluing to make sure that everything looked right.

Step 7: Gluing

I used wood glue to put the box together and used tape to hold the box together while it dried. After the box dried i used the dado blade to cut along the outside of the box slightly offset but so it would still hit the touch the cut on the inside so the top would fall off. I drew a diagram to show what I was talking about with the lid.

Step 8: Laser and Finishing

After the glue dried I cut the top off and laser etched the design into the lids. After that i coated the boxes with three coats of gloss polyurethane. I made two boxes one with all walnut on top and oak on bottom and the other had a mix throughout the entire box.



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    Great! I wish someone would give me this kind of gift box, or the machines to cut and engrave it by myself :D

    Dude, that is an awesome box, and I don't get all the hate on laser cutting. It's just another tool, like a table saw, or dado blades, or any of the other power tools we use to make it easier to complete our projects. I wanted to ask about your dado technique for the lid. It looks like you cut 2 dados on the inside of the box, and then in the pictures where you laid out the box prior to glue up you have a piece off to the side with 2 dados in it also. I think I may be missing something because I would have thought it was dado'd on all 4 sides and then you used the offset to cut the top as you said. If you don't mind could you help me understand the process a little better?

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    thanks. you are right, there were two dado cuts on the inside of the box. only one is needed for the lid. the other cuts were originally made for a rail system that another smaller box would slide on but i ran out of time and decided not to use them.


    2 years ago

    This looks awesome. It's the kind of box I dream if making but don't have the right equipment. Yet.

    In that case it's a great piece of work for your first project. I do agree that the laser does a great job, but to me there is something more personal when carved by hand. But I'm not taking anything away from your work and I do like the alternating oak and walnut.

    I really like it, but with your skills maybe you could have carved instead of lasers?

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    haha no way this was my first wood working project. it's full of imperfections and i would do a lot of things different if i did it again for instance the way i joined it pieces. if i did it again i would probably use dovetails. but i like how the laser can put the gift over the top with the way you can personalize things.


    2 years ago

    I like the design and layout. However I think if you used either the walnut OR the oak as a solid material on the top, the LASER engraving would have shown up better. Even a solid centered piece with contrasting borders of the other wood would have offered that solid LASERable center section to display the engraving. But that is just me. There is nothing wrong with what you did. I really do like it. Thumbs Up!

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    Thanks yea i agree i didn't care for the oak and walnut on the top and bottom of the first box so i did a solid walnut top and solid oak bottom on the second box.

    Nice looking jewelry box! I like the two tones, and it looks very solid. Well done!

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