How to Make a Kokedama - the No-Hassle Way




Introduction: How to Make a Kokedama - the No-Hassle Way

What's so great about kokedamas?

a. If not displayed on a beautiful tray or plate, they can be hanged from the ceiling and save you tons of space.

b. Just like bonsais, whether displayed in isolation or grouped together, Kokedamas offer a wow effect and at the same time a calmness to the room, with their shape, simplicity and beauty.

c. They maximize the surface of greenery by replacing the traditional pot, with a living, breathing substitute to hold the roots of the plant, namely moss.

d. They are very easy to make!

Actually, they are so easy to make that we made a few. The plan was to make an outdoor hanging kokedama installation above our garden table. But when a big-bad-wolf of a hail storm in the size of hazelnuts came down, it battered and shredded the poor plants. Therefore, we have no picture of those to share with you at the moment. We do promise to do so, though, as soon as the plants are back to health.

Originally, kokedamas are made with akadama soil. Akadama, or bonsai soil, is clay-like and it holds moisture longer, therefore it's ideal for a plant with no pot, or little soil. For us, it proved difficult to find or expensive to buy. This is why we are offering an alternative way of how to make a kokedama using regular potting soil. But if you can, add a bit of akadama to your regular soil. Without any more delay, this is how you can make your own Kokedama ball:

Step 1: ​Materials

Plant of your choice
Natural string or thread

Step 2: Directions

1. Cut your string into several pieces, long enough to be able to tie them around your Kokedama ball. Place the pieces of string diagonally into the bowl.

2. Take the moss and place it on the pieces of string in the bowl. Make sure the green part faces into the bowl.

3. Add some soil in the middle of the moss.

4. Take the plant out of its pot and separate the roots a bit. (In order not to make a mess, do this step on top of your container with soil). Place the plant on the soil, in the middle of the bowl.

5. Add some more soil on the sides and if needed add some patches of moss to cover any gaps.

6. Take the sides of the moss and close them together around the stem of the plant, forming a ball.

7. Find the 2 edges of each piece of string and start tying knots all around the moss ball, to keep it in shape.

8. Add water and let it soak for a few minutes.

9. Carefully lift the kokedama up, squash it all around and shape it into a round ball.

10. The kokedama is ready to place.

Step 3: Plant Care

- The best way to water the kokedama is to mist it with a sprayer. Otherwise, water it like you would a potted plant.

- If the moss is turning yellow, it means that it needs more water.

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    What plant did you choose for this? I have not seen one like it before.