How to Make a LEGO Grenade!

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This instructible will teach you how to make 2 types of a LEGO grenade!

Step 1: Part 1: the Base

Parts you need

Step 2: Adding the 2nd Base

Now that you got the bottom let's add the 2nd part!

Step 3: Sides

Step 4: Top

How to make the top now.

Step 5: Top #2

2nd part of the top

Step 6: Pin

Make the pin

Step 7: Congrats! You Finished!

Now you can play with your LEGO grenade! Have fun!

Step 8: LEGO Grenade 2.0!

YAY! 2.0!

Step 9: 2.0 Pin Part 2

PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 10: Final Part, the Pin.

You need,
-A lego rod witch is an appropriate size for your LEGO Grenade
- An extra key ring found around the house
-And....... IDK what the piece is called, just look at the pics. 

Step 11: Done!




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    11 Discussions


    3 years ago

    this is really cool

    actually my friend threw it at my wall and it blew up and even dented the wall good thing my parents haven't found out