How to Make a Lamp

Intro: How to Make a Lamp

Begin by downloading or making a template by finding one on the Internet, or making your own by using the following programs:



Quartz X

Java (must be up to date)

Make sure to have downloaded the; Shades and Sides. All parts must be on the same scale.

Step 1: Print

Next, print the template and all files necessary for creating the lamp.

Step 2: CAUTION!

When cutting the cardboard make sure to layer the template onto the cardboard, also make sure the cardboard is thin or it will turn out like the image above. Choose an easy template so the cutting process is easier than choosing a complicated pattern.

Sides: Transparent paper + card stock + Template

Top & Bottom Bases: Cardboard + Template

Spines: Cardboard + Template

Cut out the pattern of the sides then proceed to glue the transparent paper.

Step 3: Assemble All Peices

Glue Base with top and Base. Glue the transparent paper to the skeleton of the lamp.



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    2 years ago

    That's a great looking lamp! I really like the design! How did you light it up?

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