How to Make a Laser Cut "Hello My Name Is" Badge Holder

Introduction: How to Make a Laser Cut "Hello My Name Is" Badge Holder

I will be showing you how to make a simple yet functional laser cut package. In this case we will be making a box to hold and distribute, “Hello My Name Is” badges.  To complete this Instructable you will need chipboard, glue, illustrator and a laser cutter.

Step 1: Measuring the Badges

We need to make a box that is slightly bigger than our badges. So once we have the dimensions for the badges we can start to create a box in Illustrator. Keep in mind that while we are just creating a simple box, we need to include a slot for the badges to dispense from. Once we have our measurements, let’s make dispensing slot exactly the same size as the badge itself. This will create a bit of tension when tearing off a badge.

Step 2: Creating the Badge Dispenser in Illustrator

Using the dimensions from the last step, we can start to create our cut file in Illustrator. For this box we will have two types of lines: one for cutting, and one for etching the fold lines. Since boxes need tabs for proper assembly, be sure to include them in your file.  Make sure they do not overlap other tabs as this will throw off alignment when assembling. TIP: I make sure all of the tabs have a 30° angle on the corners.

Step 3: Setting Up the File for Laser Cutting

Once your file is ready, you can set it up in the laser with your material of choice and adjust accordingly to complete the cuts and fold lines. Almost done!

Step 4: Fold and Glue the Box

Once you have your box cut, you will need to fold and glue it together. Be sure to leave the bottom unglued so that you can open and close it, to refill later!

Step 5: Finishing the Box

Now that you have a box, insert the badges and feed them through the dispensing slot. Then secure the bottom panel with a rubber band. Not only does the rubber band secure the box, but it creates traction to keep the badges from moving when tearing off.

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    Where do you get your chipboard? I have had trouble finding sheets bigger than 8.5 x11