How to Make a Lego House


Introduction: How to Make a Lego House

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this is an instructable that i think is cute for a lego model or for kids to play with

Step 1: Legos You Need

Lots of thin yellows
Lots of fat red ones
Fat white ones
Lots and lots of dark blue and light blue(some fat some not
3 Lego boards
You could build this without but it is much harder
Windows (optional)
Door(s) if you want

Step 2:

First do one layer of fat white Legos around the whole building

Step 3: Then

Do one fat layer of dark blue on top of the white

Step 4: Next

Do one layer of skinny blue legos

Step 5: Yellow

Do two layers of skinny yellow Legos on top of the skinny blue Legos

Step 6: I Made a Mistake in the Picture Oops

Only put one layer of fat red Legos

Step 7: Last

Put a pattern of dark blue then light blue around the top and bam you have a cute house

You can do any colors but I think these look the cutest

Step 8: Just to Clear It Up

By " fat " Legos I mean 2 by any number and by " skinny" Legos I mean 1 by any number



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    Thanks for the feed back I will use that in the instructable for the furniture

    Hey next time you should include layer by layer instructions, and you should mention lego parts with width and length. (like 2x4 or 1x2)