How to Make a Lego House

Introduction: How to Make a Lego House

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this is an instructable that i think is cute for a lego model or for kids to play with

Step 1: Legos You Need

Lots of thin yellows
Lots of fat red ones
Fat white ones
Lots and lots of dark blue and light blue(some fat some not
3 Lego boards
You could build this without but it is much harder
Windows (optional)
Door(s) if you want

Step 2:

First do one layer of fat white Legos around the whole building

Step 3: Then

Do one fat layer of dark blue on top of the white

Step 4: Next

Do one layer of skinny blue legos

Step 5: Yellow

Do two layers of skinny yellow Legos on top of the skinny blue Legos

Step 6: I Made a Mistake in the Picture Oops

Only put one layer of fat red Legos

Step 7: Last

Put a pattern of dark blue then light blue around the top and bam you have a cute house

You can do any colors but I think these look the cutest

Step 8: Just to Clear It Up

By " fat " Legos I mean 2 by any number and by " skinny" Legos I mean 1 by any number

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    3 Discussions

    Slippery arm
    Slippery arm

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the feed back I will use that in the instructable for the furniture

    Super space ninja
    Super space ninja

    4 years ago

    Hey next time you should include layer by layer instructions, and you should mention lego parts with width and length. (like 2x4 or 1x2)