How to Make a Lego Minifig Gatling (5 Follows Special)

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In this 5 follows special, I will show you how to make a minifig gatling gun. This Instructable does not have a lot of detail. Thank you to all my followers, and if you haven't yet, please consider following!!!

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Step 1: Parts

For this Instructable, you will need:

A video camera piece

A tube that can hold 2 pegs

A T-bar

A 1x1 cheese slope

A lightsaber hilt

A 1x1 clip piece

A joystick

Step 2: Main Body

For the body of the gun, attach the tube-thingy, the video camera, and T-bar as shown.

Step 3: Details

If you want to add some detail, first attach the lightsaber hilt, joystick, and clip piece to the main body as shown. Then, also attach the cheese slope.

Step 4: Done!!!!!!!!!

You are now done this Instructable!!! Like I said earlier, thank you to all my followers, and please consider following if you haven't done so yet! :)

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