How to Make a Light Follower Robot Without Arduino

In This tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a light following robot without arduino.


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Materials required:-

1) L293D Motor Board with IC

2)Robo mini chassis

3) LDR Sensor module

4) +9v Battery

5) Battery cap

6) DC Motor

7) jumper wires

8) Castor Wheel

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Step 1: Collect the Required Components

I have used L293D motor driver board with the power supply terminals. This makes me to make the robot easier and on time. If you didnt have such board. i have given the circuit in the description, connect the hardware as per the circuit

Step 2: Connect the Motor and Caster Wheel

Connect the motor and caster wheel and tie it with the tag to make the modules constant. using tags are smarter than using screws.

Step 3: Place the Motor Driver Board and Sensor at the Top

place the sensor module and driver board at the top and tie it with the tag. i have placed the double side tape at the bottom of the board to prevent the hardware from short circuit.

Step 4: Connect the Power Supply to the Sensor

use jumper wires to connect the vcc and ground of the sensor to the motor driver board.

Step 5: Split the Jumper Into Two As Shown in the Picture and Connect the Sensor Out

As per the circuit diagram, connect the out of the sensor to the 1A(IN1) and 2A (IN3) of the motor driver IC

connect the 1Y(IN2) and 2Y(IN4) of the motor drive to the vcc using the jumper connector.

Step 6: Connect Both the Motor to the Motor Out of the Motor Driver

connect the BO motor to the motor out

Step 7: Connect the Battery Using Battery Cap

Now the Robot is ready. switch ON the robot. show the light using the mobile torch or some another light source, the robot starts running forward. adjust the sensitivity on the variable resistor at the top of the LDR sensor module

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