How to Make a Logo by Using 3D Printing




Introduction: How to Make a Logo by Using 3D Printing

Many cool logos are popular. For instance, WINNER is a famous Korean K-POP boy band that we really really like :) Their team logo is well-designed and impressive. In addition, we are interested in the 3D printer as well. Therefore, we want to make a WINNER logo by using a 3D printer and show you guys how to make a 3D printed logo!

Step 1: Find Your Logo

Find the perfect lego online that you want to do the 3D printing. Then you need to download the picture and save it in your computer.

Step 2: Convert Your Logo on Convertio

Because the picture you download online is the form of png, you can use the Convertio website to convert the png to svg. Tinkercad only accept stl, obj, and svg files. When Convertio finishes converting the picture, you download the file as the form of svg.

Step 3: Upload Your Photo and Edit Your Work to Tinkercad

Once you finish last step, you can sign in Tinkercad website. Then you drop the picture to the website. Then you can edit the shape or color you want by using Tinkercad.

Step 4: Get Stl File of the Logo From Tinkercad

After you finish editing your logo, you can find a button on the upper right corner next to "insert" and download the stl file of your logo design.

Step 5: Download CURA and Set It Up

Search Cura on Google and download it.

Open Cura and follow the instructions to set it up properly. (For example, make sure you know what kind of 3D printer you are using)

Step 6: Edit Your File in Cura and Download the Gcode File of Your Logo

Open Cura. On the upper left, you can find a button that can open files in your computer. Find the stl file of your logo that you download from Tinkercad and open it in Cura. Sometimes the original size might be too big like our logo. Therefore, we select the logo and then lick the second button in the right column, which is "Scale". We changed 100% to 10% to make our logo smaller. After that, we lick the first button in the right column which is "Move" and change the z number to be 0 so that our logo can sit flat on the platform. Eventually, we find "Build Plate Adhesion" in the right list to make sure the Build Plate Adhesion Type is Raft which will be easy for us to get our logo after printing(you will see in the later steps). In the end, you can lick "Slice" and save the gcode file of your logo on your computer. We are almost there!!!

Step 7: Get Ready to Print

Insert the card in your computer. Then drag the gcode file that you just save into the card.

Step 8: Let's Print!

Insert the small chip in the 3D printer. Select your file and print it. If you want you want to stabilize your logo, you can make a base for it by following the same procedures of making logo.

Be patient.

Step 9: Done! WwW!

Once the machine prints out the logo and the base, you need to take out the surplus part carefully. You can attach the logo on the base so that the logo stands well.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Nice job! I like that it has a separate base that it fits into so nicely :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you!