How to Make a Love Piggy Bank

Introduction: How to Make a Love Piggy Bank

Heloo all i would like to show how to make a love piggy bank please follow the step yeah


Tools and Materials

1. fanel fabric
2. carton
3. scissors
4. Korean glue
5. carton glue
6. Castol

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Step 1: How to Make a Love Piggy Bank

1. provide all materials and tools
then cut the cardboard into a round circle with the lid of a round and After that the carton is formed
round the wrapped cardboard with a cardboard circle

Step 2: How to Make a Love Piggy Bank

Final after all entwined
wrap the fanel fabric into a cardboard circle
to be tubular
and glue it to make it sticky
Castol glue and Korean
And After all, put some glue on some love decorations
made of cloth

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    25 days ago

    Cute idea, thanks for sharing!