How to Make a Low Cost Welding Table

The table top is 147cm x 80 cm with 7x3cm-x2mm rectangle tubing

For the legs I used 6cm x2mm square tubing

Casters is 100mm with wheel locks

The hight is adjustable from 90cm to 105cm

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Step 1: Start

Here you need 15 pieces 80cm of 70x30mm rectangle tubing and 2 pieces 147cm of 60x60 mm square tubing and Clamps.

Weld it every 3cm at the middle with spots.

Step 2: Legs

For the legs you need 4 pieces 60cm of 60x60mm and 4 pieces 50 cm of 60x30mm ot 60x60mm.

Be sure everything is square and weld it.

Step 3: Casters

Weld one piece of 60x60x5mm plate for each one leg and drill a hole to the center for m20 thread rod then weld a m20 nut.

Next weld a nut to the plate of casters and then weld the all-thread to the nut.

Now you have to place the casters to the plate. In my case the casters is 100mm.

Step 4: Paint

For paint you need to cover the working surface and paint it with primer first and the color.

Step 5: Done!

Your welding table is now complete and ready to use!

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