How to Make a Low Power NAS With Raspberry PI Using Samba

Its been two years when I got my raspberry pi. Its a 2B. I know its quite old now but I am using this for two years now and didn't have a single problem with it. But now you can grab a Raspberry Pi 3b . Raspberry Pi 3 is and awesome piece of technology because it has all the features of raspberry pi 2 and it also includes with a Wifi and Bluetooth module.

In this project I am going to use my raspberry pi 2b. But you use any raspberry pi.

Thing you are going to need to make this project :

1. Raspberry Pi

2. Memory Card( Minimum 8 gb)

3. 2 Amp Power Supply for Raspberry PI

4. Power Cable

5. Internet Connection

6. Usb Hard Drive

7. Powered Usb Hub

Step 1: Download and Install Raspbian Operating System in Your Raspberry Pi

First Download the Os from raspbeery pi's official website.

Download Link:

then you need to download two softwares. One for flashing the sd card other is for formatting the sd card.

SdFormatter :


If you don't know how to install Raspbain just follow this tutorial :

Step 2: How to Install Samba and Set Everything Up

Any now you have to install package called samba and set you driver path, user details etc.Just follow the video bellow



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