How to Make a Luxury Tropical Display From Artificial Flowers

Introduction: How to Make a Luxury Tropical Display From Artificial Flowers

About: Although a time served florist, for the past three years I have focused on producing unique floral designs for hotels, restaurants and millionaire's homes. I use the finest artificial stems that are indiffer...

Artificial flowers are now all the rage. Only a few years ago it was considered "cheap" to use artificial flowers as an alternative to fresh, however, over the past couple of years, the technology has become into being so as to manufacture what are now called "Fresh Touch" artificial flowers.

I make at least 2 arrangements per day for customers, I enjoy the creativity and every display is unique and breathtakingly real. If you touch the flowers they are even cool to the touch just like the real thing.

I sell my arrangements to hotels and restaurants mainly, however, you to can beautify your home with your very own display just by carefully following the steps I have laid out for you.

Good luck !

Step 1: Step 1 - Choose Your Final Resting Place

An artificial flower display will last you for years, they never wilt and are resistant to UV radiation (Sunlight).

It is so important that size, colour and type of planter are considered. In this case I am making a tropical display as these are considered to be modern and thus will not be out of date in a year or two.

The tropical display is rich in colour and will fit with my colour scheme which is very natural. If unsure purchase a copy of ideal home for inspiration.

Step 2: Step 2 - You Will Need....


Tall black glass cylinder shaped vase

Hot melt glue gun and 1 glue stick.


2 florist wires

1 brick of dry oasis.


2 x Monstera leaf

I x Curly bamboo

1 x Tropical jungle grass

3 x Strelitzia (Bird of paradise)

3 x Red anthurium

3 x Oriental green orchids

2 x Large grass blades

All these items can be purchased online from any reputable wholesaler of artificial floral supplies.

Step 3: Step 3 - Creating the Planter

Take the dry oasis and push firmly into the vase length ways and trim off the excess overlapping the outer edge.

Ensure the planter is full but with enough space to add glue between the planter and the oasis leaving a gap at the top of the planter between the oasis no more than 20mm.

Next, secure into place using spots of glue on the oasis where the oasis meets the vase using the glue gun.

Leave to harden, I leave mine over night so as to avoid any accidents. Artificial flower stems are expensive.

Step 4: Step 4 - Applying the Greenery

Take the monster leaves and add a spot of glue (this stops the flowers from spinning and secures them in place, make sure to do this with all the flowers and foliage).

To do this you simply push the stem into place and then remove it. Apply the glue sparingly and then reinsert the stem in it's original hole.

Push into place in a diagonal position. The one to your left needs to stand upright and the one to your right needs to bend downwards slightly. From the side it would be 10 past 8 if it were two hands of a clock.

Leave the display for half an hour so as to allow the glue to harden.

Step 5:

Add in the bamboo slightly to the right of the vase whilst making sure you are happy with the height of it compared to the remaining flowers you will be adding.

Insert the Bamboo in stages so as not to make too deep a hole. Start at 50 cm and compare the height with the other flower stems.

Once you are happy with the depth remove the Bamboo, apply the glue and then reinsert.

Best practice is to leave for half an hour for the glue to harden.

Step 6: Step 6 - Adding the Bird of Paradise

Next the bird of paradise stems graduating down in height to the left of the vase keeping them inline as per the photograph.

Follow the same practice as with the Bamboo ensuring you get the desired depth and a totally secure fix.

Step 7: Step 7 - Adding the Anthurium

Bend the anthurium into shape as in the image shown.

Place them in a row graduating down in height and from the back to the front of the design. Try to ensure the lowest bloom is adjacent to the rim of the planter.

Step 8: Step 8 - Adding the Pin Cushion Protea

Place the orange pin cushion protea to the front and centre of the vase as a focal point of the arrangement.

Step 9: Step 9 - Adding the Oriental Phalaenopsis Orchids

Group the oriental phalaenopsis orchids into the vase to the left of the vase edging into the centre of the arrangements.

These stems can be very delicate and care must be taken not to break them. If the inevitable happens and there is a breakage, just use a small amount of contact adhesive to repair.

Step 10: Step 10 - and Finally !

Finally, take the grass blades and make 2 circles tying off with a florist wire and pushing into place, one to the left and one to the right back of the design.

I strongly advise you leave the display in a warm position overnight to ensure any glue has hardened.

You have now completed your very first Artificial Tropical Flower Arrangement. Well Done !

Most of my designs are out of the pocket for many as they are designed for luxury hotels, restaurants and millionaires homes. If you would like to be inspired by my other designs (which are affordable if you make them yourself) then please visit my website


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