How to Make a MICRO POCKET BURNER in 2 Minutes

Introduction: How to Make a MICRO POCKET BURNER in 2 Minutes


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Step 1: To Do a MICRO POCKET BURNER in 2 Minutes You Need!

We need the simplest materials for making spirits mini burner, they are: box from medical balsam called “Star”, spirits or benzine for lighters, awl, absorbing napkin or sponge.

Step 2: After Watching the Video You Will Know How to Make a Hand Made Heater Just in a 2 Minutes.

Step 3: Despite the Fact That It Is Small, But It Is Quite Good As for It's Size.

Step 4: By the Way, Such Mini Primus Occupies a Little Space in a Fishing Box or a Tourist Bag.

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    3 years ago

    Can you also blow it out if you use it for only 1 minute?