How to Make a Magneto Helmet

Introduction: How to Make a Magneto Helmet

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So Halloween is coming up next month and a lot of people are wanting to go as X-MEN characters considering all the new X-MEN movies that just came out. Here's how to make your very own MAGNETO HELMET!

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Step 1: Printing Out the Template!

So you will need the free template to do this. It is available in the attached file below. Print it out and cut it all out. Then, tape the 2 long strips together at the ends. Next, tape the everything else at the ends as you see in the photos above. You may want to fit the main head piece around your head first before you go on to the next step.

Step 2: Paper Mache!

First, put a balloon in the main head piece and make sure that it is not too low or high. Give it a coat of paper mache. Some people use newspaper but this project has a lot of curves to it so I used paper towel because it is more flexible. Let it dry. Next, give it another coat but this time coat everything not just the balloon. When it is fully dry and hard you could pop the balloon with a thumb tack.

Step 3: Spray Painting Time!

So, for this next step you will need to trace the 2 other pieces out on cereal box cardboard then spray paint both of them silver. Now spray paint the helmet black. Hot glue on the 2 pieces onto the helmet. Wrap the long one around the back and glue. Now Glue on the last piece to the front. VOILA! You now have your very own magneto helmet.

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    Will be doing this with younger brother, he's trying to make one right now.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done. I also like to use towels vs newspaper. You might try a paper mache mixture like I used in this instructable, super light weight but adds even more durability.  Again well done! :)