How to Make a Masterlock Key Storage Box

Introduction: How to Make a Masterlock Key Storage Box

I looked at home depot and found a Code secured key holder for 30$. I decided to make my own. This box allows you to secure your spare key with a code and be hidden behind a fence or such. All of the pieces were found at Home Depot except for the project box, which was found at a radio shack. (this is my first instructable)

For this project, you will need:
-1 Project box
-1 Metal Latch with a ring for the lock
-1 Small metal Hinge
-1 Masterlock Code Lock
-1 Spare key

-Hot Glue gun
-Duct Tape
-Drill Driver

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Step 1: Step One:Glue Latch on to Project Box

I wasn't able to Screw the Latch Onto the Project Box so I decided to Hot glue it on. All you have to do is put a big drop under the latch and then run glue around the latch's edge and then it should be secured. Make sure not to make the hinge stick out past the box's edge or else it won't shut properly. Also make sure not to lock up the hinge with the hot glue.

Step 2: Step Two: Hot Glue the Hinge Onto the Other Side of the Box

Like with the Latch, hot glue the hinge on to the project box without having the hinge part sticking out past the edge of the box.

Step 3: Step Three: Tape It All Up for Securing and to Make It Look a Little Better

Take the duct tape and wrap all around the Hinges without locking up the hinges.

Step 4: Step Four: Attach the Unit to Your Secret Place

Next you attach the unit to wherever your secret place is. For mine I attached mine to the inside of a fence. Just use the drill to drive the screws into the fence. Make sure that you screw the ring part of the latch into the right spot
That's It! Now you have your own safe box for cheaP!

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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Its alright, I have some epoxy in the shed and might use that to strengthen


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't mean to be critical. I like the idea and look forward to seeing your updated version later on. I was interested in your design because I'd like to build something similar in the back of my truck for when I am at the beach or scuba diving so I don't have to try to figure out what to do with my keys. You have given me some ideas on how to do it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What would keep someone from just ripping the box off the wall? Hot glue isn't the strongest stuff, really. I like the idea, but I think I'd use a metal box with bolted, or at least screwed on hinges and hasp.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Good point, this is only temporary until we move and I might make a better one later.