How to Make a Match Rocket

Introduction: How to Make a Match Rocket

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hey, what's up? so in this instructable I'll show you how to make a match rocket...... it's dangerous but pretty cool. you should try it to outside or it can destroy your home....

Step 1: Get the Tools and Stuffs

the list of the stuff
1. foil paper
2. a thin metal pipe and a thinner metal shaft
3. lighter
4. matches

Step 2: Cut the Foil Paper

cut the foil paper into one and half inch hight and 3 inch wide.....

Step 3: Wind the Foil

wind the foil with the metal shaft.....

Step 4: Close the Top of the Rocket

close the top of the rocket by using a plus. it is important to make it tight or it won't fly well........ the rocket is 4cm long...

Step 5: Cut the Matches Head

cut the matches head with a scissor and put 4 matches head inside of the rocket. use the thinner rod to make the downside of the rocket closer.

Step 6: Make a Stand

use something that holds more than 90°......

Step 7: Enjoy.....

now just heat the rocket with a lighter for a few seconds and.......... and i have uploaded a video tutorial of it on youtube. here is the link. please like & share my video and subscribe.....

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