How to Make a Maxi Dress in Less Than 2 Minutes





Introduction: How to Make a Maxi Dress in Less Than 2 Minutes

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This instructional video will teach you how to make a Maxi Dress in Less Than 2 Minutes!



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    14 Discussions

    you need to give fabric amounts please and how far down you make your chalk marks.

    This idea is brilliant and so beautiful. Imagine this for summer in a hot colour, big floral print and even black would be superb. Unfortunately It's winter here at the moment and I'm only 5'2 and in my seventies so It's not something I could wear but my daughter and grandaughter will be getting one each, I assure you. Absolutely Fabulous. Well done.

    I normally shy away from jersey knit, such an unruly fabric. But your designs make me want to revisit that...thank you so much for all your simple yet awesome design. Definitely a follower...oh it all started when I watched how you made that super simple Tinkerbell costume :)

    Hi love the dress but how much fabric did you have. as i am makeing one for my hoildays.

    you know... this is really clever... it was so clever that even with all the distractions of the gorgeous hair and um... other things it still makes you notice that it is a very clever and great looking dress :-)

    Wow this is so great and simple!!!! Approximately how many yards or meters or fabric was that square you used do you think? This is such a fantastic idea.

    I can't believe hot simple and quick that was. I had the perfect piece of fabric that is just plain black I could not figure out what to do with. I did this and it is hot. Thanks a ton.