How to Make a Mermaid Tail Blanket



Introduction: How to Make a Mermaid Tail Blanket

Time: 1-2 hours


Sewing machine and tools

thread to match fabric


stuffing for tail (optional)

*Small blanket-2 yards of outside fabric, 2 yards of lining/fleece fabric and 1/2 yard shimmery fabric. (Child 4-10 years old)

*Medium/Large Blanket- 4 yards of outside fabric, 4 yards of fleece lining and 1/2 yard shimmer fabric. (10 + years old)

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Step 1: Fabric & Pattern

1. I went to Walmart and bought fabric to make mermaid blankets for my girls and niece for Christmas. I had to make two sizes to fit the girls. I made 2 small blankets and I made one large blanket.

2. I found the fish tail pattern online thru pinterest. I printed it off and cut it out. See 2nd picture.

3. The body of the mermaid I made using wrapping paper (its the only large paper I had :) I rolled it out and had my daughter lay down on it. I made a mermaid body. Cut it out, folded it in half to make sure it was even. It was 25 inches at the opening and 40 inches long.

*That comes up to the child's waste. Make it longer if you want it to come up to the child's chest or shoulders.

4. Next, I pinned the body pattern to the outside fabric, which was folded in half and cut it out.

5. I used the outside body and pinned it to the lining right side down. Then cut out the lining for each side.

*pinterest also has sizes charts per child's age, which is very helpful.

Step 2: Sewing the Outside Body and Lining

1. Pin the lining and outside fabric, right side together.

2. Sew the two piece together, across the top.

3. Flip fabric over, so right side is out. Line up sides and pin down both left and right side. Do the same to the back piece of the mermaid body.

4. Sew up both sides and bottom part of tail, .5 inch seam. You should have 2 separate pieces to the mermaid body, front and back.

5. Trim up excess fabric on sides.

Step 3: Tail

1. Attach the mermaid tail pattern to the shiny fabric of your choice.... folded. Line the edge of the pattern up, where it says on the fold.

2. Pin, cut and remove the pattern. Repeat the step again, so you have 2 shinny mermaid tail's.

3. Also, I did the above step to the extra cotton fabric I had to reinforce the sparkly fabric and make the blanket warmer. Pinned, and cut out the fish tail pattern.

4. Next, I pinned and sewed the sparkly fabric over the cotton both pieces.

5. Then, I attached the tail to the body of the mermaid by pinning the fabric right side together and sewing across attaching the 2 pieces. I did that to both sides.

6. Folded the sides of the body of the mermaid body into a tringle shape so they lined up with the fish tail. I sewed across the bottom to secure it in place.

7. Pin the two pieces of the mermaid blanket together at the sides and all around the tail.

8. Sew the two pieces together in .5 inch seam allowance.

*I stuffed the tail on two of the blankets and it really added to it!

Step 4: Finished

1. Last I trimmed any loose strings and any final touches.

2. A great Christmas gift and keeps you cozy on cold winter nights!

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