How to Make a Merry Christmas Card With Paper Quilling Stocking




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This tutorial shows how to make a merry Christmas card with quilling paper stocking. It is an easy quilling paper DIY project for anyone to try.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed in Making This Quilling Paper Stocking Christmas Card:

5mm Red Quilling Paper

5mm Yellow Quilling Paper

5mm Green Quilling Paper

Plastic Paillette Star


Rolling Pen




Step 2: Shape a Stocking With Quilling Paper Beads

1st, cut enough pieces of 5mm quilling papers (about 5cm long), then roll them with a rolling pen one by one;

2nd, modify them into 8mm beads;

3rd, stick the quilling paper to the card one by one to form a sock image as shown.

Step 3: Add White Quilling Paper Beads

1st, cut enough pieces of 5mm quilling paper (about 5cm long), and roll them into 8mm beads one by one;

2nd, stick the white quilling paper beads on the top of the sock and shape it as pictured.

Step 4: Finish the Quilling Paper Stocking Card

1st, cut a piece of 5mm green quilling paper, and stick the 2 ends together;

2nd, stick the green sling to the proper position of the quilling paper sock;

Step 5: Add Other Ornament As You Like on the Card.

Step 6: The Final Look of This Quilling Paper Card Is Shown Below:

I finished the paper quilling christmas card with stocking in 15 minutes. The basic procedure is to roll the paper beads and then shape the stocking. If you know how to make paper quilling Christmas card after reading this tutorial, then have a good try!



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