How to Make a Minecraft Pe Server (pocketmine and MiNET)

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Intro: How to Make a Minecraft Pe Server (pocketmine and MiNET)

auto install scripts to do all this stuff will be in the end later btw first step is getting the software and phar files(phar=php archive) go to for the instructions on how to install and go to for updates to the server to keep up with the new mcpe versions

Step 1: Usage and Installation Help

first you will want to get a server vps is great for this make sure to muse linux for this as it works the best i recomend ubuntu server or centos for the distro's of choice youl need to run this command to install it wget -q -O - | bash do not run as root or it wont work then youl go to and grab a phar and update the server rename the phar file to
PocketMine-MP.phar and save it to your pocketmine folder then cd to your pocketmine folder and run ./ and your done see the next step for plugins help and the commands to manage your server

Step 2: Commands and Port-forwarding

your going to need the default commands to run your server these are the most useful ones
/gamemode 1 2 or 3 sets your gamemode
/whitelist on add off or reload manages your whitelist
/ban bans a player means insert playername here
/kick kicks a player for a specified reason
/tp teleports you to a other player
/op gives the player operator status or the ability to run any command on the server
/stop stops your server and youl hqve to restart it using ./ again
/setworldspawn sets the spawn for your world
.............................. port-forwarding............................
to port forward go to your routers setup page and look for portforwarding or virtual servers enter your server ip port and name here your router setup page is usually
make sure to find your router passwd

how to get a ddns go to and register and follow the steps there to get a free domain for your server

to get plugins go to and download them and save them to your /pocketmine/plugins folder

Step 3: More Support

thx for reading this ill post more instructables later when i do other projects
also if you get stuck on this either post a comment or kik me at: adxcraft
also sry abt the bad grammer but it isnt my strong suit

Step 4: MiNET

MiNET is a c# mcpe server software run this script to install for debian and its derivatives like ubuntu

download the file and run it with sudo ./

and it will install MiNET files once it installs the files run sudo ./ to get the dependencies and run MiNET; to start MiNET once this script has been used run sudo ./

to edit the name and stuff the config file is as /%HOME_DIRECTORY%/MiNET/src/MiNET/MiNET.Service/bin.server.conf

if this helped hen leave a thanks comment (not required but appreciated)



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    Little confusing! This is for very advanced Programmers.

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    ill edit it later i made this on my tablet and i forgot to make the autoinstall scripts also i am a programmer i do php and java and a little visual basic


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