How to Make a Mini Campfire

About: this is for the people who want to spend time outside, like me.

hello and this is how you make a portable campfire on the go.

Step 1: Items You Need


A tin cup (must be tin so it will not light on fire)

A lighter (flint and steel also works)

Step 2: Procedure

place tinder, dry leaves, twigs inside the tin can

Step 3: Procedure

light at the bottom so the flames will catch onto other flammable objects

Step 4: Procedure

attend to fire so it won get out of control or go out

Step 5: Notes

When using fire you should always have an adult around. This was tested by me and it worked.

Also note that the cup will get very hot on the outside so you should not touch it for a little while, or pour cold water on the outside and inside when done

Have fun!



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