How to Make a Mini Cannon From a Syringe


Step 1: To Do a Mini Cannon From a Syringe You Need!

In this instructables I'm going to tell you how to make a mini gun out of a syringe by yourself at home.

Step 2: For the Mini-gun Manufacturing We Need Few Electronics, to Be Specific, There Are a Hand Made Mini Electric Shocker.

Step 3: In Case You Haven't Got a Hand Made Electric Lighter, You May Replace It With a Simple Piezoelectric Element.

Step 4: The Whole Process of Mini Gun Manufacture You May Watch in the Video Lesson.

Step 5: If Desired, You May Make a Nice Wooden Handle and Present It to Your Friend to Have Fun With It Together.

Step 6: Such a Hand Made Craft May Bring You Fun During Your Spare Time!

Step 7: Mini Cannon From a Syringe Is Ready!



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