How to Make a Mini Coat Hanger!!!

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To make your mini coat hanger that is smaller then your palm you only need a paper clip and wire cutters!!!

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Step 1: Supplies!!!

1.) Paper clip!!!

2.) wire cutters!!!

Thats all!!!

Step 2: Bending!!!

What you have to do first is bend up the outside part of the paper clip then the middle part!!!

Step 3: More Bending!!!

now bend the very middle up but make sure the top is still bent a little bit.

Step 4: Even More Bending!!!

Now bend the left side so that it touches the right side!!!

Step 5: Review!!!

You should have something that looks like this. If so move on to the next step!!!

Step 6: Cutting!!!

Now where the bend on the hook is, cut there with the wire cutters!!!

Step 7: Done!!!

Your done!!! You just made the worlds smallest coat hanger!!! : )

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    5 years ago

    I should make that for my little sister