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We wanted a small coffee table style table for our garden. I decided to make it based on a picnic table design. The 'seats' could be used as shelves for potted plants and the top itself could be used for other planting or food and drink in nice weather.

Watch how I made it here:

Materials Used:

  • 89mm x 38mm CLS
  • 60mm Screws
  • Shed/Fence Preserver

Tools Used:

  • Chop Saw (Hand Saw Will Do)
  • Drill
  • Driver

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Step 1: Cut All the Pieces

Following the cut list I made it was just a case of cutting all the pieces to length.

Simple 90 degree cuts were used to cut all the pieces apart from the 4 legs (Yellow)

The legs were cut to length using an angle of 20 degrees.

I also changed the angle to 45 degrees to remove the bottom corners to the top and middle side pieces. (Blue & Green)

Step 2: Assemble the a Frames

The pieces go together to form an A frame. I've got a measured drawing to help with positioning. These measurements can be changed to better suit your needs.

Screws are all that's needed for this construction. If you go bigger with the table size then bolts would be a better choice.

Once the 2 A frames are put together Its time to add the top pieces (Red)

Step 3: Attach the 'Seats' & Top Pieces

The seat and table pieces (Red) have a 50mm over hang at each end and they have a 10mm gap between each other.

I used one of the pieces with a couple of blocks clamped 50mm from the end to act as a fixed guide for the spacing. It worked really well.

Each piece got attached with 2 screws at each end. 2 pieces for each 'seat' and 6 pieces for the top.

Step 4: Preserve & Done!

Because the wood isnt treated and its an outdoor table I used some shed and fence preserver on it.

2 coats were enough to give it good coverage.

That's the table finished. Nice and simple I think you'll agree. Give it a go!

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    1 year ago

    Very nice and love the detailed description / drawings !

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    1 year ago

    Good job! I'm sure you'd get a kid or two in there. They come in all shapes and sizes you know. Thanks for sharing

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