How to Make a Mini Hydrogen Generator at Home DIY

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Hello everyone.

In this instructable you will be taught how you can make a mini hydrogen generator at home as a science project.

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Step 1: Placing the Aluminium Plates:

Take two metals of same properties and connect 2 wires to it.Now drill a hole through the 60mL syringe body and pass the wires through that hole and then glue that hole completely so that the the gas generated inside it does not escapes through that hole.Now carefully insert back the plates in side the plastic body.

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Step 2: Adding Sulphuric Acid and Water:

Now add Sulphuric acid and water mixture as per the ratio stated in the picture and then place back the syringe piston.

Don't forget to wear the protective gloves.

Get a DC supply of around 35 volts.The picture shows 16 volts but system did not work with 16 volt supply so I had to increase it to 35V.

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Step 3: Testing:

Now connect a 35 volt power supply to the two wires from the body.You will notice that the gas Bubbles have increased twice the previous test when we were giving 16 volt supply.Now, carefully match the tip of the syringe and it should light up because of the hydrogen Oxygen gas generator inside the body.

So that was all for the hydrogen-Oxygen generator.

Thank you for your time.

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